Members Approve Bylaws Amendment

By an almost two-to-one margin, SF Bicycle Coalition members voted to amend the organization’s bylaws in a two-week vote that concluded on Friday, July 31 and was certified by the Secretary of the Board of Directors on Saturday, August 1.

Voting overview:

Members eligible to vote at the beginning of the voting period (July 17, 2015): 10,905

Number of member votes needed for quorum under our bylaws (5% of eligible voters): 546


Yes: 619 (65.1%)

No: 332 (34.9%)

Total votes: 951 (8.7% of eligible voters)

The level of voter turnout for this election exceeds any recent Board of Directors election, demonstrating the strong views and enthusiasm on both sides of this issue. It is lower, however, than the over 1,400 responses from members to our last biannual member survey in 2014 — a manner in which we continue soliciting member feedback.

Through emails, phone calls, in-person conversations, our regularly scheduled Board meeting, and two special open houses with the Board, we heard from both sides of this issue over these past few weeks — those who feel that member privacy must be guaranteed, and those who feel the Board election vote is of critical importance. To both sides, we honor your point of view and applaud your interest and passion.

For those who voted yes, we hear you loud and clear. By voting, you have made the change that was demanded in order to better protect your privacy. With this change to a Board-elected Board, your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is no longer required by California state law to share your contact information with other members, and, as is our long-standing policy, we will not share your contact information with anyone else. Thank you for making your voices heard.

For those who voted no, we hear you loud and clear. Board transparency and accountability are critically important. We will work even harder to maintain the direct link between the membership and organization that we have all valued for so long.

The outcome of this vote in no way changes your SF Bicycle Coalition’s total dedication to advancing our member-fueled work and achieving our mission to promote the bicycle for everyday transportation. Board meetings will continue to be open to our members. We will also continue announcing when seats open on the Board and invite members to apply. This fall, your SF Bicycle Coalition will once again ask members to weigh in on our candidate endorsements in the upcoming elections, and to join our annual member meeting to help shape and fuel our campaigns for the coming year. And in 2016, members should look forward to our biannual member survey and another opportunity to help shape our Strategic Plan.

Immediately, we are looking to our members to help redirect the San Francisco Police Department towards data-driven enforcement of dangerous traffic violations; to advocate for protected bike lanes on Second Street; and to hold Caltrain accountable for its decision to increase bike capacity in its new train design.

We continue to look to you, our members, to power our work for a better city, and we invite you to get involved with one of our many upcoming volunteer projects (such as our upcoming Service Stations along the Wiggle and at Caltrain).

The hard-working staff of your SF Bicycle Coalition will continue to do what we do best: advocate, organize and educate effectively to make San Francisco a world-class city for cycling and an inviting place for anyone of any age to ride. Our movement is strong and growing, and we look forward to riding beside you as San Francisco Bicycle Coalition members.

The updated bylaws, approved by our members and now in effect, are available for review here.

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