Near Term Designs for Fifth Street

As we push the City to close the gaps in our bicycle network following the fatal collision on March 8, one street in SoMa stands out as a glaring example of a corridor needing urgent change: Fifth Street.

Fast Change for Fifth

Fifth Street is a major connector between downtown and Caltrain on our bicycle network and currently has only sharrows among four lanes of fast-moving traffic. A promising longer term project for Fifth will transform the street, with wider sidewalks and sidewalk level bike lanes. The timeline for that project is extended, though. If we’ve learned anything over the past month, it’s that we need change on streets like Fifth, now.

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency has listened to your calls for near-term improvements. Next Wednesday, they will be hosting an open house to present the designs for fully protected bike lanes on Fifth, buildable by end of 2019.

These paint and post bike lanes will make Fifth safe for people biking. Join us at the open house next week to show your support and make sure these protected bike lanes go in the ground quickly.

Fifth Street Open House
Bayanihan Community Center, 1010 Mission St.
Wed. April 3, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

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