New Bike Connection for the Dogpatch

Image: Google Maps

We know that crucial bike network connections in our outer neighborhoods are often lacking and it takes continued advocacy to push to have those gaps filled. That’s why we are excited to celebrate the approval of an important bike lane connection on Indiana Street in the Dogpatch.

As the Dogpatch continues to grow with new housing and residents, more and more people are biking in the area. More than ever, it is important that connections to and from the area exist in our bicycle network. Currently, anyone biking south on Indiana Street has to jog east to Minnesota, which then leads to a dangerous unsignalized intersection at Cesar Chavez.

With the new plans approved last week, people biking will be able to connect to and from Cesar Chavez on Indiana on dedicated bicycle infrastructure. Painted bike lanes from Cesar Chavez to 25th will allow for contraflow connection to a protected bike lane segment to keep people riding safe next to the freeway on ramp at 23rd.

This new bike network connection is only a first towards the bicycle infrastructure that the neighborhood needs. With great local partners such as the Dogpatch Green Benefits District and the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association, we know our vision of building out bike infrastructure and having people-friendly streets is more than possible.

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