New Bike Corrals Coming to Businesses Near You!

It’s about to get a lot easier to park your bike in front of some great bike-friendly San Francisco businesses! Earlier this month the SFMTA approved the installation of nine new bike corrals in front of businesses all over the City, bringing the Citywide number of corrals to nearly 60!

Bike corrals are a great way to attract customers on bike and provide secure bike parking for your neighborhood. Plus, they take up only one car parking space – 1 car = 8-10 bikes! And with studies showing that people arriving by bike spend more over time at local shops than people who drive, bike corrals are a simple, smart investment in our retail corridors.

We interviewed a few of the businesses who applied for the new corrals to hear why they want more bike parking in front of their business. Here’s what they had to say:

“Bike parking is probably the number one request from our customers. The Mission, which is mostly flat, is a terrific place for biking. So having a safe place–right in front of our building and in view of our security cameras–will be great for our customers and great for our business.” – Steve Fox, CEO and Chief Greenskeeper, Urban Putt

“The bicycle corral was something I began lobbying for the day we signed our lease. I wanted a bike corral in front of Les Clos, my establishment, to encourage bicycle commuters to stop and have some lunch or dinner with peace of mind that their bike is locked safely right in front, in a well-lit area. “If you build it, they will come”- my Corral of Dreams. ” – Cara Patricia Higgins, Partner, Bright’s Les Clos

“We are really excited to get the bike corral out front of our shop on third street. It will be the first bike corral along this corridor – a corridor that is seeing increasing bicycle traffic. In addition I believe the presence of a bike corral will encourage more cycling in our neighborhood – something VeloBrews is very dedicated to promoting.” – Ross Del Duca, VeloBrews

“Since opening I have noticed that we have a lot of people that ride bikes (including employees) and I would often see bikes parked up and pretty much stacked on top of each other up and down the block.  Our stretch of Mission St. is almost like a freeway running through the city, so I feel like the parklet will make it a little bit better of a stretch. I applied for the corral to improve the neighborhood and also give bikers a place to park their bikes!” – Andrea de Francisco, Owner, Cafe St. Jorge

Check out the businesses getting a new corral soon, and apply for a FREE corral in front of your business today!

Archimedes Banya – 748 Innes Avenue
VeloBrews Cafe and Cycling Community Center – 4634 3rd Street

Tempest Bar – 431 Natoma Street
Les Clos – 234 Townsend Street

Cafe St. Jorge  – 3438 Mission Street
Dynamo Donut – 2760 24th Street
Urban Putt – 1096 South Van Ness Avenue

North Beach
Reveille Coffee – 200 Columbus Avenue

Glen Park
fitGLENfit – 666 Chenery Street

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