New Bike Lanes Only the Beginning for Improving the Hairball

Despite recently approved upgrades nearby, more safety improvements for everyone at the Hairball are the only way to effectively improve long-term safety for anyone. Join us on Oct. 11 to move this conversation forward with experts on transportation and homelessness.

The case for better infrastructure for people walking and biking at the Hairball is clear. As an important connection at the intersection of several high-injury corridors, we need better facilities to keep everyone safe.

Our members have been pushing for better infrastructure at the Hairball for years with increasing urgency. Thanks to our members who were able to show up at the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors’ meeting two weeks ago where we pushed for safety improvements at one of the most dangerous segments of the Hairball.

Recently approved plans for new bike lanes on Jerrold Avenue, including protected bike lanes northbound approaching Bayshore Bouevard.

The SFMTA Board unanimously approved a protected bike lane on northbound Jerrold Avenue to improve connections to the Hairball from Bayshore Boulevard. New bicycle markings at Marin and Jerrold will make crosswalks there more visible to all road-users.

While these safety improvements will help address the dangerous road conditions leading into the Hairball, we continue hearing concerns that the paths underneath the overpasses need attention. We need holistic solutions to the overlap of encampments and bike lanes here. Join us and City officials on Oct. 11 in conversation to address current situation at the Hairball.

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