New Protected Bike Lanes Coming to Folsom

We’ve been pushing hard to see protected bike lanes on Folsom and Howard, all the way from Second Street to the waterfront. Last month, we got one big step closer to that vision, as a robust protected bike lane project on Folsom broke ground.

Approved in 2015, the Folsom Transbay Project promises to transform Folsom Street from Second Street to the Embarcadero. The need for transportation improvements along this eastern segment of Folsom has never been greater. With massive development underway and a brand new transportation hub a block away, people need safe routes to bike in this growing neighborhood. This streetscape project will provide exactly that, as well as new, wider sidewalks and public spaces.

Instead of fast-moving, one-way streets, this section of Folsom Street will have calmer, two-way traffic with protected bike lanes on either side, street trees and wider sidewalks.

Construction on this project began last month and is expected to last less than a year. We’ll be working with the project team to mitigate negative impacts to biking and walking during construction.

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