Panhandle Path Under Construction

If you’ve biked on the Panhandle path recently, you’ve probably seen your fair share of construction here. The good news is that your bike ride will be getting smoother in due time, but for the next few weeks, there will be detours and construction.

While the construction is in progress, we ask that you take it slow and be sure to respect others on the path. When there are detours, follow the signage to take the southern path. Be mindful of the rough terrain during the repaving process.

The construction is expected to be completed on July 1. If you prefer an alternate bike route, we recommend Page Street, which is one block south of the Panhandle. You can connect all the way downtown to Market Street or turn off at Scott Street to follow the Wiggle bike route.

Take it slow! Construction is expected to complete by July 1.

What’s to come? As part of the Panhandle Improvement Project, which brought new lighting, benches and bike racks, additional improvements will include:

  • Patching up the northern path where tree roots have created hazards;
  • A new dotted line and stencils to remind people to share the path respectfully;
  • Markings where paths cross to give a heads up; and
  • A completely repaved southern pedestrian path.

While we’re looking forward to these improvements, we expect the construction to slow down your ride. If you have questions or concerns in the meantime, we encourage you to contact City staff directly at the SF Recreation and Park Department. Please email the project manager at

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