Pedaling 245 Miles for Safe SF Streets: Meet Climate Rider Dina Beigelman

Meet Dina, one of this year’s Climate Riders on the SF Bicycle Coalition’s team. She will be riding from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo to raise money and awareness for sustainability, the climate and active transportation. As a first time Climate Rider, she is enthusiastic about pedaling the coast this summer.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What are you looking forward to most?

Dina: So many things! Being a part of and reconnecting to the cycling community in SF. Giving back to that community. Raising awareness for an important issue, and feeling like I’m making a pointed contribution during a confusing and tumultuous time.

What are you hoping to come away with?

Honestly, I view participating in the Climate Ride as my first step in being more involved and connected to my community, and at creating healthy habits in my life. I don’t view the Climate Ride as a thing I work towards and then finish and put away; I view it as a catalyst to help me engage in a lot of areas in my life I’ve been meaning to for some time.

If someone is on the fence about the Climate Ride, what words of wisdom would you like to give them?

Anyone can do it. Honestly. I participated in a similar event back in 2011, so I know what to expect with training and fundraising. But the Climate Ride is much more impactful for me than my previous ride. The beautiful thing about the Climate Ride is it’s a community of folks doing something they love. So if you feel yourself drawn to this type of adventure, chances are it’s for a reason. Trust that, and know there is a wealth of knowledge and support on the other side to help you reach your goals.

Any fundraising tips for newbies?

In my experience, it’s always easier as a newbie. People are really excited that you’re doing this new thing and tend to donate more easily. Something my team captain shared with me really resonates in this case: most likely folks are donating because they are moved by your passion about the ride and their connection to you. So being able to tell your story and talk about your motivation is a very powerful fundraising tool.

We are recruiting riders for the SF Bicycle Coalition’s team who will bike the new California Central Coast Route, June 9-13. For team members who choose the SF Bicycle Coalition as their sole beneficiary, we will provide additional fundraising support as well as training rides and schedules. Our team is made up of first-time and experienced riders, the perfect atmosphere for everyone. The only requirement is wanting to make a difference. Join the team today!

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