Polk Street’s Transformation Starts Now

Bring on the shovels! We’re this close to breaking ground on the redesign of Polk Street.

Protected bike lanes, fresh pavement, pedestrian bulb-outs and upgraded traffic signals are coming to Polk. Before breaking ground in the coming weeks, the City is holding a pre-construction open house so that you have all the details of what the next two years entail.

Polk Street Pre-Construction Open House
Wednesday, Oct. 5 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Tenderloin Community School: 627 Turk St.

With Masonic Avenue’s groundbreaking just a couple months ago, we are finally seeing years of advocacy bear fruit throughout San Francisco to transform our streets into places where biking and walking are welcomed and encouraged.

Polk Street is an essential north-south bike route that threads through several neighborhoods to connect them to Market Street. Despite the popularity of biking here, the entire corridor is on the City’s high-injury network for both biking and walking. After years of grassroots organizing led and supported by your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, our members and neighborhood allies came away with a major victory in March 2015 — the full approval for the improvements that are getting ready for construction now.


Rendering by the SFMTA

A lot has happened to turn the publicly-vetted ideas into real designs, so this open house is also your chance to see the details of every inch of bike lane to be painted and each new tree that’s ready to be planted. We hope to see you there to make sure that the public support for this project is loud and clear: San Francisco is ready for construction.

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