Pride Parade Superstar: Steve Hershoff

Wondering where the best possible place to view San Francisco’s glorious Pride Parade is? (Hint: It’s NOT from the sidelines!) We talked to Steve Hershoff, SF Bicycle Coalition member and returning parade-goer about why the best way to experience San Francisco’s Pride Parade is by biking in it.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What made you want to participate in the 2015 Pride parade?

Steve: I had done it before, had a lot of fun and knew that it would be just as much fun again. (And it was!)

What was your costume for the 2015 Pride Parade?

Well, not exactly a costume, but I like to wear tie-dye to this event. It’s bright and cheerful, which reflects the mood of the day. Also I needn’t be concerned with what color I’m wearing — I’m wearing them all!

How did the crowd react to the SF Bicycle Coalition’s contingent during the parade?

People were very positive, warm and encouraging as they cheered us, and I enjoyed exchanging high fives as I rode by.

Did you meet any new SF Bicycle Coalition members?

Yes. Everyone was there for the same reason, and there was a great feeling of “being in this together.”

How did it feel to ride down Market Street with just you and the SF Bicycle Coalition contingent?  


What was your favorite part about the day?

The ride, of course, but I also enjoyed watching some of the parade after our contingent finished, and the party at Civic Center afterwards.

What are you most looking forward to about the Pride parade this year?

Riding with like minded SFBC members, and the good feelings emanating from them and the crowds along the route.

Be part of the celebration, the party and the fun by riding along with Steve and other SF Bicycle Coalition members in this year’s 46th annual Pride Parade. Enjoy an urban biking experience unlike any other, which is guaranteed to be the most fun you’ll have biking down Market Street this year! Reserve your spot today.

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