Protected Bike Lane Coming to Fell Street

Photo: SFMTA

Bike Month keeps on getting better and better! This week we’re celebrating the announcement that a pilot protected bike lane is coming to Fell Street, and is expected to be in the ground within the next few weeks. We’re excited to support this rollout to make social distancing easier along the Panhandle.

If we want to see this pilot project be successful, it will require local support. That’s where you come in. Can you write a letter today to Supervisor Dean Preston and the SFMTA letting them know you support this protected bike lane?

Share Your Thoughts

Right now, the Panhandle is very popular with people walking and biking, who are using the pathways for recreation and travel to and from essential trips. This makes it tough to maintain distance, stay safe, and follow public health orders. This pilot bike lane will border the north end of the entire one-mile length of the park, and will be protected from Fell St. car traffic by parked cars and soft hit posts. We are so grateful for Supervisor Dean Preston, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and the many years of advocacy by our members to make this project a reality.

With your support, the SFMTA is planning to implement this pilot project in early June. The project will repurpose one of the four travel lanes in order to create a westbound protected bike lane on the south side of Fell Street. Because this is a pilot project, we know the design isn’t perfect, but we’re excited to try it out and continue to work with Supervisor Preston and the SFMTA to test out this and any other innovative solutions to the overcrowding along the Panhandle to hopefully inform a longer-term design. We’ll keep you up to date as the project progresses. Please join us now in sharing your support!

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