Quick-Build Protected Bike Lane on Seventh

Last month, we celebrated when the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) passed a new policy that will streamline lengthy approval processes from street safety projects and get protected bike lanes built faster than ever before. Now, we’re starting to see that quick-build policy in action, with Seventh Street up first.

Get Seventh in the Ground

Out of the list of projects identified to be the first quick-builds in San Francisco, protected bike lanes on Seventh Street, from Townsend to 16th Street, are up first. As a critical bike connection to Mission Bay that’s also on the city’s high-injury network, this stretch of Seventh Street needs safety improvements urgently.

With the quick-build policy, rapid implementation means that the first step towards approvals is next week, which will allow us to get the project in the ground in months rather than years. We’ll also continue to evaluate the project so we can continue to improve on our designs.

Join us at the special July 9 evening public hearing to get this project approved and built as soon as possible.

Seventh St. SFMTA Public Hearing
Tuesday July 9, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Recology Auditorium Room, 900 7th St

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