Rack Your Brain: Where Do We Need Bike Parking?

We’ve all been there: pedaling up to a new lunch spot only to find not a bike rack in sight. Loose poles or parking meters don’t cut it, and it’s way too tight inside to bring your bike in. What to do?

Duh, Get one Installed!

Making it easier for people to bike for everyday transportation isn’t always about protected bike lanes and signalized intersections. Sometimes simple details like the availability of a bike rack make all the difference. We’ve noticed that secure sidewalk bicycle parking is becoming harder and harder to find, complicating many of our daily bike trips. To make matters worse, new mobility options such as dockless bikes and e-scooters often use the same bike racks that we depend on.

The good news is there’s an easy fix: Install more bike racks! The SFMTA is sitting on thousands of bicycle racks that should be installed at useful locations. Forget waiting for them to find the perfect locations — let’s do what we do best and tell them where!

New favorite restaurant? Request a rack. Corner store near your friend’s house? Request a rack. Obscure art space in the Richmond? Request a rack! They’re better in the ground than in a warehouse, so next time you find yourself without one — demand it!

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