Real Progress at the Hairball

I’m excited to share ways that our comprehensive approach to improving conditions at the Hairball is bearing fruit. Our work has led to some real improvements that will be taking effect in the coming weeks and months.

In recent months, your SF Bicycle Coalition has led the discussion around the Hairball and potential solutions to the persistent problems that exist there. City leaders, advocates and our members have all played a part in moving this conversation forward towards real change.

In our conversations with City agencies about solutions for the Hairball, we have consistently pushed for comprehensive solutions to the issue of homeless encampments blocking the bike lane. The status quo of sweeping the people living in the Hairball from one end to the other was neither effective nor ethical, and the conditions were deteriorating for everyone living there or passing through.

Now, several key improvements and services are coming to the Hairball following our calls for action. The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (DHSH) is focusing renewed resources towards the encampments at the Hairball and their residents. Starting in October, DHSH has placed dozens of people experiencing homelessness at the Hairball into transitional housing and they’ve allocated space to house the remaining people over the next couple of weeks. This is huge progress towards improving the lives of those living at the Hairball and the conditions for people riding through.

New bike lanes on the Jerrold entrance to the Hairball were also recently approved and will begin construction in the coming months. Together these coordinated efforts mark great movement towards making the Hairball a better place to bike.

None of these improvements would have been possible without our members’ voices. Join the SF Bicycle Coalition as a member today to support our continued work at the Hairball and across San Francisco.

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