Results are In! Top #ParkingDirtySF Locations Identified

In response to the City’s December announcement on cracking down on double-parking and blocking the box violations, we launched a  campaign, #ParkingDirtySF, to identify where the worst cases of this dangerous behavior are happening so that enforcement could be targeted appropriately.

In December and January, we collected over 500 responses from people biking in San Francisco via our online form and through the social media campaign. This input identified over 70 locations where frequent violations are occurring. Thanks to everyone who participated in this campaigns and helped us collect so much real-time data!

We learned a lot from the campaign that we’re bringing to the SFPD and the SFMTA: not just locations that are problematic, but specific issues with delivery trucks, ride sourcing companies and more.

So, now the moment you’ve been waiting for:

Top 15 #ParkingDirtySF Locations

    1. Valencia Street
    2. Market Street — Downtown, east of Van Ness Avenue
    3. The Embarcadero — Ferry Building to Pier 39
    4. Howard Street
    5. Folsom Street — SoMa District
    6. Market Street — west of Van Ness Avenue
    7. Polk Street
    8. 8th Street — Market to Folsom
    9. Fell Street — Scott to Baker
    10. Townsend Street — Embarcadero to 8th
    11. The Embarcadero — South of the Ferry Building
    12. Folsom Street — Mission District
    13. Harrison Street — Mission District
    14. 17th Street — Mission & Castro Districts
    15. Grove Street


Top #ParkingDirtySF Issues Reported

  • Delivery vehicles – This is an increasing issue on our busy streets as there is increased demand for curb space. We are working with the SFMTA on a Large Vehicle Driver Training program to educate as many drivers as we can on best practices.
  • Ride sourcing companies increasingly loading and unloading passengers  – If you use one of these services or see them improperly loading in the bike lane, you can use their mobile apps to report your concern in the review of your ride or you can submit a complaint via their support pages (Uber, Lyft, Sidecar).
  • Taxis loading and unloading passengers – To report a taxi driver for unsafe behavior, fill out SF311’s online form. This issue is one your SF Bicycle Coalition has been working on for years; since 2012, we’ve trained all new and renewing taxi drivers about safe behavior around people biking. We educated over 1,000 taxi drivers in 2014 alone!
  • Private shuttle buses – To report a private shuttle driver for unsafe behavior, fill out SF311’s online form. Your SF Bicycle Coalition trained nearly 300 shuttle drivers in 2014.
  • Unsafe construction sites – If you see an unsafe construction site, report it to 311 using SF311’s mobile app, dialing 3-1-1 or tagging @sf311 on Twitter. In addition, you can email

Your SF Bicycle Coalition works every day to ensure our streets are safe for people biking, walking and driving. We are sharing the results of this campaign with the SFMTA, SFPD and Mayor’s office to examine long-term solutions for reducing dangerous double-parking.

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