Round of applause for our volunteers 👏

Top row; left to right: Jasmine Gee, Henry Lam, Fabrice Corminboeuf. Bottom row; left to right: Stefania Siragusa, Graham Greving

This week is national Volunteer Appreciation Week and while many of our volunteer events have been rescheduled or moved to a virtual format, we wanted to give a shout-out to all the volunteers who helped make 2019 a memorable year. It takes nearly 900 volunteers, with over 8,000 collective hours, to help make San Francisco a better place to bike and live. Our work wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers.


To commemorate all the work our volunteers have done, we’ve highlighted the award winners from this year’s winter volunteer appreciation party. A big thanks to our five awardees who went above and beyond in supporting our work: 

Bike It Forward: Graham Greving

Graham is a bike mechanic extraordinaire and a regular fixture at our Bike It Forward and Community Repair Night events. Graham joined the SF Bicycle Coalition in the spring of 2019 and has since completed a total of 110 hours of volunteering; 99 of those hours were completed with our Bike It Forward and Community Repair Night Program alone! Graham has been instrumental in helping to ensure that the reclaimed bicycles we distribute to communities across San Francisco are safe and in good working order. Thank you, Graham, for all of your dedication and support.

Advocacy All-Star: Stefanie Siragusa 

In addition to being a daily commuter, Stefania has been an astounding voice of support for better biking in SF and has given much of her time to improve the safety of our streets. Stefania was a vocal supporter for the Better Market Street project, often spending her free time meeting with several of our community organizers and consistently showing up to talk to people on the ground about our work. Her presence in the community continues to this day as she works with businesses and storefronts on Valencia Street, pushing for a complete network of protected bike lanes. We’re incredibly proud of all the work Stefania has done and continues to do. 

Barter: Jasmine Gee 

Jasmine has been an SF Bicycle Coalition member for well over a decade and is one of our Volunteer Night regulars. In addition to her in-office help, Jasmine has been a strong advocate for our Barter Membership program, which allows anyone to volunteer for a total of 10 hours within a three-month period in exchange for a membership. Jasmine, to this day, holds the record for the highest amount of Barter Memberships, with a total of 90 hours dedicated to the org. Whenever Jasmine signs up for one of our Phone Banking events, she always does an amazing job letting lapsed members know about our Barter program. Jasmine, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and hard work; you truly are the face of our Barter Membership program.

Light Up the Night: Henry Lam

Henry’s involvement with the SF Bicycle Coalition began in May of 2019. Henry was hired as a Valet Bike Parking Attendee. Since then, Henry has extended his involvement with the SF Bicycle Coalition by frequently volunteering at events such as Volunteer Night, Community Repair Night, and Sunday Streets. But where Henry has really shone is during our Light Up the Night campaign. Henry attended more than half of our Light Up the Night events in the 2019 – 2020 season and has become someone that all the volunteers could go to for help and assistance. Henry, thank you for all that you do, both on the clock as an SF Bicycle Coalition Valet Attendee and off the clock as a volunteer. 

Rookie of the Year: Fabrice Corminboeuf

Fabrice began his involvement with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition as a barter member and has quickly become one of our most reliant and active volunteers in 2019. Fabrice joined the SF Bicycle Coalition in the summer of 2019 and has since been willing to pitch in at numerous events including Winterfest, Community Repair Night, Valet Bicycle Parking, Bike It Forward, Volunteer Night, Light Up the Night and much more. His continuous involvement with the SF Bicycle Coalition showcases his passion for the organization while going above and beyond the traditional role of a volunteer. Fabrice, it’s been a pleasure having you as one of our newest superstar volunteers. We can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you!

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