Saris Bicycle Parking Solutions

Finding a safe, secure place to park your bike can be a struggle in San Francisco. For many people, access to secure bike parking can determine whether or not they decide to ride a bike at all. If you’re looking for ways to encourage or support ridership to your business or workplace, our preferred bicycle parking vendors are here to help.

This month we caught up with Saris to find out more about the indoor and outdoor bike parking racks as well as the bike repair solutions available to residences and businesses.

Saris Circle Docks in a Bike Corral configuration along a San Francisco Street.

On just about any SF Street near you

  • Location: All over town
  • Description: If you’ve parked your bike at an outdoor bike rack in San Francisco, you’ve likely used one of Saris’ ubiquitous Circle Docks. This is the City’s standard for public bike racks, installed in thousands of locations all around town. Saris’ Circle Docks are made of hardy galvanized finish and stout square tubing, designed to resist both natural and human elements to provide secure, easy-to-use place to lock your bike. Did you know that anyone can request one of these bike racks for any San Francisco location free of charge? Request a rack today!


Inside the bike room at WIRED Magazine’s S.F. offices.

Location: WIRED Magazine’s office in SF

Description: In collaboration with Gensler Architecture’s San Francisco office, Saris outfitted WIRED Magazine’s bike storage. Limited on space, Saris’ layout specialists transformed a hallway with wall-mounted, vertical Bike Tracs. Now it’s just a matter of breaking the employee’s bad habits of their pre-bike parking days…


A Bike Fixation Public Work Stand in use outside the San Francisco Exploratorium.

Location: SF Exploratorium

Description: Need a quick repair while biking down the Embarcadero? Visit the Saris public workstation outside the Exploratorium! Earlier this year, Saris acquired Minneapolis-based manufacturer of bike infrastructure Bike Fixation. Bike Fixation has been a global leader of public bike self-service products. With Bike Fixation, Saris’ catalog now includes products such as repair stands and air pumps, bike washing products and even vending machines for bicycle components and accessories.

Looking to improve bicycle parking at your workplace? Saris provides both indoor and outdoor bike parking racks as well as other bike repair and infrastructure products. Saris has a team of full-time layout specialists who can assist with design, provide technical documents and assist in navigating LEED requirements for bicycle facilities.

Interested in a quote or consultation? Email Anna at for more information and a connection to a local Saris representative.

Huge thanks to Saris for their support of bicycle advocacy both locally and nationally!

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