SF’s Bike Yield Law Lands on Mayor Ed Lee’s Desk

The Board of Supervisors passed SF’s Bike Yield Law yesterday, putting the question to Mayor Ed Lee: Do you support wasting police officers’ time cracking down on people biking cautiously and respectfully?

Thanks to the majority of Supervisors who co-sponsored and voted for SF’s Bike Yield Law: John Avalos, London Breed, David Campos, Jane Kim, Eric Mar and Scott Wiener.

To even get to where we are today, it was you, our members, who made this possible. Over 2,000 people signed our petition to pass the Bike Yield Law, and hundreds of you wrote City officials, urging them to support smart enforcement and safer streets.

When the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) leadership promised to embrace Vision Zero, we took them at their word. Instead of keeping their promises for safer streets, they continue to order and support periodic crackdowns against people slowly rolling through stop signs when no one else is around. We called for a Bike Yield Law to support safer streets and hold the SFPD’s leadership to their promises for smarter enforcement.

In issuing his veto threat, Mayor Lee called safer streets a matter of “convenience.” Whether Mayor Lee stands by that unfortunate position or embraces street safety, your SF Bicycle Coalition will continue working on your behalf to deliver policies and build partnerships that eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries.

Your voice has been heard, and we will honor your contributions by ensuring that smart enforcement and safer streets become a reality.

If you haven’t already, there is still time to put your name behind the campaign for SF’s Bike Yield Law. Please sign the petition in favor of smart enforcement today.

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