Sup. Wiener Calls for July 18 Hearing on Bike Theft

We hear from our members loud and clear: Let’s put an end to bike theft.

Whether it’s a Twitter post directed to @sfbike or our latest member survey, we want to be able to bike around without the fear of our precious bicycles being stolen. And if that unfortunate incident occurs, we want to know that the SF Police Department (SFPD) will respond and take bike theft seriously.

Bike Theft Hearing
Board of Supervisors, Land Use and Transportation Committee
Monday, July 18 at 1:30 pm
City Hall, Room 250

If you want to share your experiences and thoughts about how the City can better respond to bike theft, here’s your chance. Supervisor Scott Wiener has called for a hearing next Monday, July 18 at the Board of Supervisors to shine light on this issue.

“We can build all the bike lanes in the world, but if people can’t run errands and visit friends without fearing that their bikes will be stolen, we will struggle in creating the most robust cycling community possible,” Supervisor Wiener said in announcing the hearing. “Having your bike stolen creates significant financial and other problems for people, especially for people who rely on their bikes as their primary mode of transportation.”

We agree. Whether it’s bringing more funding to SAFE Bikes to promote the voluntary registry program that’s helped restore dozens of stolen bikes to their owners or bringing more SFPD resources to their anti-bike theft unit, there is more that the City can do to help keep bikes in the hands of their owners.

Can’t make it? Share your thoughts with Supervisor Wiener and his legislative staff here or catch the hearing live on SFGovTV.

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