Talk Transit with BART Director Nick Josefowitz

If you ride BART regularly, the delays and bumpy rides have become part of your transit experience. What exactly is going on and what is BART doing to address it?

Find out on May 2, when we host our next Bike Talks, featuring BART Director and fellow SF Bicycle Coalition member, Nick Josefowitz.

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Bike Talks is our latest series of events that engages our members in policy-focused discussions that relate to our world of bicycle advocacy. Our first event was held last week where we discussed the history of bike access on Caltrain and what’s ahead in the years to come. We’re honored to invite Dir. Josefowitz as our guest on May 2 to talk about Building a Better BART, the transit agency’s effort to overhaul its system as more and more riders depend on its service.

Recently, BART received national coverage for being real about what it takes to move people around and the state of its ailing infrastructure. People were both taken aback and refreshed by the honesty that BART expressed, spawning the new hashtag, #ThisIsOurReality.

BART This Is Our Reality tweet

The reality for people connecting their bikes to BART are overcrowded trains, lack of bike parking, smelly and broken elevators, pervasive issues of bike theft and poor bike infrastructure to get to and from stations. Your SF Bicycle Coalition continues to work closely with BART staff to address these issues, acknowledging how much still needs to be done and what it will take to get us there. This is your chance to hear from Dir. Josefowitz directly on how BART is responding to these real concerns and get involved today!

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