Tell the SFMTA: No Compromises to Safety on Eighth Avenue

UPDATE: The Eighth Avenue Project will now go before the SFMTA Board on June 19 for approvals. This is our last chance to let the SFMTA know how you feel about compromised safety improvements to this key bike connection to and from Golden Gate Park. Write them a letter today.

After a packed town hall meeting in January organized by Supervisor Sandra Fewer, what’s been going on with Eighth Avenue?

The Eighth Avenue Project is finally going towards approval now, but unfortunately, the strong, traffic calming measures that our members fought for are not included at this time. We need to make sure City planners hear from you that the safety of people walking and biking cannot be compromised.

I Want a Safe Eighth Avenue

This Friday, May 4 is the public hearing for this watered down project, which is the first step before full approval by the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board. We are disappointed that many of the improvements to establish a calmer neighborhood connection to Golden Gate Park were removed entirely, particularly traffic diverters.

We remain committed to making Eighth Avenue a safe street for those biking and walking in the Richmond. To make sure this message is heard by the SFMTA, take a moment to write them today and let them know how you feel about compromised safety improvements for the streets you walk and bike.

Here are suggested talking points to include in your email:

  • I am disappointed that stronger traffic calming measures were not included in the final plan, including traffic diverters.
  • As someone who walks and bikes here regularly, I strongly urge the SFMTA to consider more improvements in the near future.
  • Richmond residents need better bike connections to and from Golden Gate Park, and I hope all future projects connecting to the park truly improve street safety.

Alongside our Richmond District members, we will continue to hold our City accountable and push for more inviting and welcome connections to and from Golden Gate Park.

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