Thank You to Our 10+ Year Members

Last week, many of our members boasting 10 years or more gathered to celebrate their dedication to the community and advocacy of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. The support of our nearly 2,000 10-plus-year members and over 200 20-plus-year members is something that we’re really proud of and humbled by.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has helped deliver over 222 miles of bike lanes in our 45-year-history, passed legislation to improve the livability of our streets, demanded more from City officials, taught thousands of people biking and driving how to share our streets safely, given away hundreds of bikes to those in need through our Bike it Forward program, and have made great strides toward a healthier, more livable city.

Many campaigns are long, taking years to come to complete. It’s only with the ongoing support of our longterm members that we maintain the persistent advocacy necessary to create the biking conditions that the people of San Francisco demand and deserve.

Below are some highlights of the fun-filled night. If you are inspired by the commitment of our 10-plus-year members, join or renew your membership today!

The coveted 10+, 15+ and 20+ member pins.


Executive Director Brian Wiedenmeier thanks our 10-plus-year members for their decade or more of support.


Members were divided up by country names and truly got into the competitive sprit.



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