Thank You to Our 10+ Year Members

Last week, more than 100 long-time members came together to celebrate their decade or more of support to the SF Bicycle Coalition. These members, who first joined in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, helped to get our advocacy off the ground, and continue to be instrumental to our work. They laid the foundation of our grassroots, community-led organization and their membership has brought countless improvements to the streets of city.

With the recent announcement that Leah Shahum, longterm Executive Director of the SF Bicycle Coalition, is moving on to new adventures, long-time members came to the party ready to give thanks for her incredible tenure, and well-wishes on the next chapter of her profession. Senator and 10+ Year Member Mark Leno, D-California, presented Leah with a certificate honoring the SF Bicycle Coalition’s 20th Bike to Work Day and commended Leah for her leadership and vision, photo above.  “San Francisco has become one of the best bicycling cities in America, in large part due to the vision and leadership of Leah and the SF Bicycle Coalition,” said Senator Mark Leno. 

Nearly all of the SF Bicycle Coalition staff and many Board of Directors members were there to mingle with our members and tell them the latest on our work. SF Bicycle Coalition Policy Director, Tyler Frisbee, gave an overview of the top campaigns in the year to come and Development Direct, Brian Weidenmeier and Membership Manager, Anna Gore, thanked members for giving the ongoing support needed to win them.

The support of our nearly 2,000 10+ Year Members and over 200 20+ Year Members makes up the backbone of our organization. With their membership we’ve Connected the City with miles of bikeways, passed groundbreaking legislation, taught thousands of bicyclist and drivers the rules of the road in our Bicycle Education program, and have made great strides toward a healthier and more livable city. Many campaigns are long, taking years to come to completion. It’s only with the ongoing support of our longterm members that we maintain the tenacious advocacy necessary to create the biking conditions we all want and deserve.

Huge thanks to our 10+, 15+ and 20+ year members! We look forward to seeing you, along with members of all tenure, at our next member party – Winterfest 2014. The date and details will be announced soon!

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