The staff administrators of the recent SF Bicycle Coalition board elections congratulate the winners:

Raynell Cooper, Ernesto Cuellar, Victoria Norman, Roan Kattouw, William
Walker, Meaghan Mitchell, Joanna Gubman, and Juli Uota.

Members in good standing cast a total of 311 tallied online ballots. Nine abstentions were also submitted.

Voting and tabulation was administered using third-party vendor ElectionBuddy to meet the ranked-choice voting rules added to our bylaws by the board in 2017. Most members were able to vote without any assistance from the election administrators. However, as expected with any vendor that provides ranked-choice voting services, a small subset of members required assistance to vote due to issues with email deliverability into their inbox. With significantly increased support from election administrators and other staff, all members who sent an email to were assisted and able to vote.

Details on the entire 2023 Board of Directors election process are available here. And details on this election’s round-by-round results are here. For more information about multi-winner ranked-choice voting, click here. This election was conducted using Meek’s Single Transferable Vote method.

We are delighted that every declared candidate was able to be seated on the board. 

The first board meeting with the newly elected members will be held on February 21, 2023. We look forward to working with the winners, who will serve terms of two years on our board of directors alongside the seven existing board members whose terms have not expired. And we thank you, our wonderful members, for participating in this election.

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