This Job Is Cool

As one of the more tenured staff members at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, I feel that I’m in the position to tell you why working for this organization is pretty rad.

And perhaps, you will be so convinced to consider applying to join my team as a community organizer (or at least share with others who may be interested!).


1) We have the most dedicated, amazing members who care passionately about biking. My job is to work with them and win big.

Members Paul (left) and Patrick (right) connecting people biking on Bike to Work Day 2018 with our work for more and better bike lanes.

2) And we win, a lot.

My first week as a community organizer? Permanently lifting BART’s ban on bringing bikes onboard.

We mobilized hundreds of members to win Upper Market. The gorgeous new protected bike lane finished construction just last month.

In 2015, we turned out hundreds of members to SFPD’s Park Station Community Meeting to oppose a crackdown targeting people biking.

3) This job is always challenging, but we are always driven by our key values: transportation justice, people power, sustainability and joy.

If you have a passion for people-powered bicycle advocacy and a background in community organizing, this is just about the best way to blend those two into one job. Apply today!

Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city.