Today Is the One-Month Anniversary of June 22

Photo by member Matt Laroche.

We have spent the last month working hard to see City leaders honor your calls for the prompt delivery of safe streets, which cannot come fast enough.

One Month Since Jun 22, 2016

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Over the last month, the Mayor’s office has reached out to us, along with several City agencies, to meet regularly and develop a plan of action in light of the tragic fatalities on June 22. Informed by what we are hearing from our members through the 1,500 emails directed to the Mayor, we are approaching those meetings with the goal of seeing prompt, specific safety improvements delivered not just to the sites of two fatal collisions, but to streets across San Francisco.

We are urging the Mayor to demonstrate his commitment to Vision Zero by ensuring city departments take immediate actions to implement protected bike lanes, deliver significant safety improvements to the streets that saw the tragic fatalities of the past month, ensure SFPD focuses enforcement on the most dangerous traffic violations and speed the delivery of Vision Zero projects.

While we are making progress, a month has passed without City leaders committing to concrete safety improvements for all who uses San Francisco’s streets. Everyone who has written Mayor Lee is making a difference, however. And now he needs to know that you remain as committed to safe streets as ever.

Please sign our petition today: Make your voice heard for immediate action from City leaders towards the delivery of safe streets.

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