Top 10 #ParkingDirtySF Hotspots So Far

In December of 2014, the City announced a crackdown on double-parking and blocking the box violations. Both of these behaviors pose serious dangers to people biking, so we launched the #ParkingDirtySF campaign to ensure that enforcement is focused on the areas where the most problems are occurring, as well as to support the City in their enforcement and safety goals. We’re collecting this data and sending it on to the City. If you see double-parking violations, add your voice today to help end #ParkingDirtySF!

We’ve received nearly 300 responses to our call for submissions of where the worst #ParkingDirtySF is happening. Some folks even have entire flickr albums and tumblr pages dedicated to documenting these dirty deeds! It’s not too late to add your submission — and thanks to everyone who’s already participated!

Top 10 #ParkingDirtySF Locations Reported So Far:

  1. Valencia Street
  2. Market Street – Downtown, east of Van Ness Avenue
  3. Pier 33 on The Embarcadero
  4. Howard Street
  5. Folsom Street – SoMa District
  6. The Embarcadero – Ferry Building to Pier 39
  7. Polk Street
  8. The Embarcadero – South of the Ferry Building
  9. Market Street – west of Van Ness Avenue
  10. Folsom Street – Mission District

Here’s how you can help keep the campaign going:

  1. Let us know. Tell us in the form below where you see the worst double-parking and jammed up intersections and we’ll make sure it gets shared with the SFMTA and SFPD.
  2. Report the violation to the City. When you see double-parking violations, call 415-553-1631.
  3. Join the online campaign. Post a photo of the offense on Twitter using hashtag #ParkingDirtySF. Don’t forget to include information on where the dirty deed is happening, and tag @sfmta_muni and @sfpd as well as @sfbike!
  4. Become a member and support the SF Bicycle Coalition’s advocacy efforts all year long!

Report #ParkingDirtySF Locations

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