Top Five Reasons to Volunteer at Winterfest

It takes over 200 member-volunteers to make Winterfest a smashing success each year. What compels all these people to share their time and talents with us every December? Read on to find out!

  1. All of your friends are there.
    With over 200 other volunteers and nearly 1,000 attendees each year, you’re bound to have a few friendly faces in the crowd. If not, Winterfest is the perfect place to meet new bike-minded folks!
  2. Free entrance and a free drink!
    You can save up to $35 on entrance and a drink just by giving a few hours of your time to making Winterfest happen. That’s enough for, like, five post-Winterfest burritos with all your new friends. Can’t wait until December? Sign up to hang posters, and you’ll still get all the perks of volunteering!
  3. It’s fun as heck.
    It’s scientifically-proven to be impossible not to have an amazing time volunteering at Winterfest. You can’t argue with science!
  4. You’re part of the party.
    Volunteers are integral to Winterfest; it literally couldn’t happen without volunteers like you. From event set-up, to greeting attendees, to beverage service, to cleanup, teamwork makes the dream work.
  5. Warm and fuzzies.
    The best part of volunteering at Winterfest is knowing that by making this event a success, you’re contributing to safe biking in San Francisco, a livable city and a healthy environment for everyone. Free beer doesn’t hurt, though.

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