Towards a Better Future: Meet Member and Climate Rider Amy Jo

Meet Amy Jo Johnson, a member since 2008 and also a first-time Climate Rider on the SF Bicycle Coalition’s team. Riding along the Central Coast is her way of getting more involved with the SF Bicycle Coalition. She is charged up and ready to make a statement, raising money and awareness for sustainability, the climate and active transportation.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What does this year’s Climate Ride mean for you personally?

Amy Jo: I want to show the world what side of history I’m on through my actions, not just my words. I believe participating in the Climate Ride is a very big way to do that!

What inspired you to sign up this year as a first-time rider?

First and foremost, the mission statement of Climate Ride is something I completely agree with. With the current disturbing movements of anti-science, anti-social welfare and climate change denial, I feel now more than ever I need to give back to my community by supporting sustainable transportation and organizations fighting climate change. Also, I just had a big milestone of a birthday, so I want to challenge myself by doing something completely new (and potentially scary) this year! I had been wanting to try multi-day rides anyway, so joining Climate Ride was the perfect solution.

EditorsPssst – Support Amy Jo’s ride with a $40 donation in honor of her recent 40th birthday!

What have you heard about the ride?

Amazing support, amazing food, lasting friendships, picturesque miles. My team has multiple repeat riders who are super stoked, so for me that’s a strong testament to how great this ride is!

What are you most excited about?

I am excited to meet other like-minded cyclists — I don’t have many friends who bike! — and to challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally. If I had it my way, I would do nothing but ride every day. Climate Ride will make that dream a reality for at least a little while.

What are you hoping to learn?

I hope to cultivate my activist chops by fundraising for a cause while learning more about what it takes to do long-distance bike touring.

What should fellow SF Bicycle Coalition members know about Amy Jo?

I started commuting by bike in San Francisco about 10 years ago after not riding since I was a child in rural Wisconsin. At first I rode mostly out of necessity, and it was sometimes tough learning to navigate dense urban streets, but because nothing else brings me happiness like being on a bicycle I kept it up. As my bike commutes evolved to metric century rides, I knew I was deep in a love affair that will last for the rest of my life. I am grateful to the SF Bicycle Coalition for helping to make my city more welcoming to people biking. I doubt I would have been as encouraged to ride more if not for them.

Fundraising deadlines are fast approaching and the SF Bicycle Coalition Team needs your support! Keep an eye out for updates about our first team fundraiser in March. Get to know the 2017 riders supporting the SF Bicycle Coalition and join us on a training ride.

Want to get involved right now in the fight for Climate Justice? Support Amy Jo’s efforts today!

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