Understanding This Year’s Transportation Ballot Measures

In addition to the Supervisor races this year, there are three important transportation-related ballot measures on this November’s ballot. Proposition A, Proposition B and Proposition L present stark contrasts for our city’s future, and the November elections will give voters a chance to weigh in on whether they want to move our transportation system forwards or backwards.

The SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to endorse a YES ON A, YES ON B,  NO ON L.

Propositions A & B: More Transportation Funding, More Safety Funding
Proposition A and Proposition B both invest in our city’s transportation funding, providing critical revenue for safety projects to make our roadways safer, particularly for those of us traveling by foot or by bike. Proposition A renews current property bond taxes to fund over $52 million for better bikeways, including $22 million for Better Market Street, in addition to $68 million for pedestrian improvements, $22 million for signal upgrades, and $358 million to improve Muni. Since it’s simply renewing a current property bond, Proposition A won’t raise taxes, and it will result in a markedly better commute for all of us.

Proposition B also provides valuable funding for road safety projects and Muni by better aligning the amount of money that goes to the Municipal Transportation Agency in a way that reflects San Francisco’s population growth. Proposition B will incorporate the city population into the formula that determines our transportation funding levels, which makes sense since a bigger population means more people using our roads, sidewalks and Muni. In the first year, Proposition B would mean an extra $6 million for Vision Zero projects and an additional $16 million to improve Muni.


Proposition L: Moving SF Backwards

Proposition L is a policy declaration statement that rolls back San Francisco’s Transit-First policy, and would result in the City having to prioritize car traffic and parking above all other modes. Proposition L would require the SFMTA to value “free-flowing traffic” as highly as human life when designing streets, and would take money away from Muni to build more parking garages. It also ties law enforcement’s hands and requires them to spend as much time citing road users for non-dangerous behaviors as they spend citing road users for the actions most likely to result in fatalities.

Proposition L is a dangerous initiative that harkens back to the days when freeways ran through our downtown and along our waterfront. San Francisco has invested too much into our streets to go backwards. We deserve streets that are safe for all users, that understand that our streets are public space and serve not only as transportation tools, but as part of the fabric of our community and our economic development plan. We deserve a transportation plan that helps us meet our climate and pollution goals, and that provides low-cost access for all San Franciscans.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will be working hard to fight Proposition L and keep our city moving forward. If you want to donate to the ‘No on Gridlock, No on Proposition L’ campaign, get a window sign, sign up to volunteer or otherwise help out, click here to sign up! You can also follow them on facebook by liking the No On Gridlock SF page


Looking to take action? We’re looking for volunteers to help out at Bike the Vote service stations. And come November 4, remember to vote ‘Yes’ on A, ‘Yes’ on B, ‘No’ on L.


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