Update on Panhandle Attacks: Arrest Has Been Made

We are relieved to share the San Francisco Police Department’s update on the investigation into the alarming reports of people being attacked while biking on the Panhandle in September and October. The police have arrested one suspect who is making his way through the legal process and identified several others from the group, who are aware of the investigation.

When we heard about the attacks, we immediately got the word out and asked Park Station Captain Raj Vaswani to strongly step up enforcement in the Panhandle. We also rallied members to urge SF Park Police at their monthly community meeting to do everything possible to make this area safe for people biking and walking.

Many thanks to the SFPD for responding swiftly to our calls and for following through on the investigation. Biking on the Panhandle needs to remain safe and comfortable, serving as a busy and important connector for people biking between the Eastern and Western neighborhoods of our city.

How to Take Action on Future Issues:

  1. If you encounter any suspicious or dangerous behavior on the Panhandle, please report it. For emergencies, get to a safe place and call 911. For tips or to report suspicious behavior, call the SFPD Park Station at 415-242-3000.
  2. Attend your SFPD Station monthly community meetings. This is a chance to meet with the Station officers directly to make sure they hear the community’s concern about safety in your neighborhood. Check your local station website for dates and locations of upcoming community meetings.
  3. Please also let us know about issues in your neighboord by tweeting to @sfbike or emailing eric@sfbike.org.


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