Urge Your Supervisor to Support Vision Zero Funding!

As the Supervisor budget process lumbers on, your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and our Vision Zero coalition partners have been working to ensure that the Vision Zero commitment made by the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors stays strong. In particular, we’ve asked them to help restore the funding gap created by the delay for the Vehicle License Fee. Without this funding, critical projects to improve the safety of our streets will be delayed.

Unfortunately, we just learned that City leaders are wavering on their commitment to your safety. Please call your Supervisor today or tomorrow and let them know how important funding Vision Zero is to you! It’s particularly important that our Vision Zero leaders here from you! This includes Supervisors Kim, Mar, Avalos and Weiner, as well asĀ our Supervisors on the Budget Committee!

Jane Kim: (415) 554-7970
John Avalos: (415) 554-6975
Eric Mar: (415) 554-7410
Scott Wiener: (415) 554-6968
Mark Farrell: (415) 554-7752
London Breed: (415) 554-7630

The $10 million in funding will go toward:

  • WalkFirst: Phase 1 Priority 1 (33 Intersections)
  • Vision Zero: Motorist and Pedestrian Safety Education & Enforcement
  • WalkFirst: Phase 1 Priority 3 (28 Intersections)
  • WalkFirst: Phase 1 Priority 2 (48 Intersections)
  • WalkFirst: Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (3 Intersections)
  • WalkFirst: Daylighting (25 Intersections)
  • WalkFirst: Radar Speed Display Signs (4 Signs)
  • WalkFirst: Speed Radar Display (15 Signs)
  • WalkFirst: Signal Retiming Program (20 Intersections/Yr)
  • WalkFirst: Safety Enforcement Program
  • Upgrade 10-12 signals per year to modern signals with pedestrian countdown signals
  • Spot pedestrian or bicycle safety projects coordinated with paving projects
  • 5th Street Bicycle Lanes
  • Downtown Bike Station
  • Embarcadero Enhancement Project
  • Western Addition – Downtown Bikeway Connector
  • Bicycle Strategy Network Expansion (8.5 miles)

Please call your Supervisor and let them know how much Vision Zero matters!

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