Victory for the Wiggle!

It’s a victory for the Wiggle!

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors unanimously approved the Wiggle project yesterday, a victory made possible thanks to our members and neighborhood allies.

What does this victory mean? It means a safer left turn from Scott Street onto Fell Street. It means fewer vehicles speeding through the Lower Haight. It means green landscaping, sidewalk extensions and safer pedestrian crossings.

It means a bike-friendly, walkable and more beautiful neighborhood for everyone.

Remember this early image of what Scott and Fell could look like? Yesterday's approval brings this vision closer to reality.

Remember this early image of what Scott and Fell could look like? Yesterday’s approval brings this vision closer to reality.

At the SFMTA Board meeting yesterday, your SF Bicycle Coalition was present to make a public comment in support, and we were joined by several members and local residents, with no comments made in opposition. This was after we received over 50 letters in support from our members and years of planning and community engagement to bring us here. Get the details of the SFMTA’s project here.

In particular, we want to give a special thanks to Morgan Fitzgibbons of The Wigg Party, whose years of mobilizing support makes today’s celebration possible. This victory is also his farewell to San Francisco, with plans to move at the end of the year.

“It will be great to come back and ride this much improved segment,” Morgan told your SF Bicycle Coalition. “I only wish the SFMTA hadn’t taken four years to get these improvements approved.”

A second thank you goes to the dedicated members of the Lower Haight Merchant and Neighbors Association, whose meetings often served as the site for robust discussion to ensure the project was the best it could be for the neighborhood.

Our thanks also goes to the SFMTA staff who saw this project through and ensured community concerns were addressed. We look forward to construction beginning next year and will keep you updated as we get closer to ground-breaking.

We could not help deliver change like this to our city streets without your support. Thanks last, but not least, to all of our members who spoke out for change. Please keep us rolling strong into 2016 by joining or renewing your membership and make a gift towards our advocacy work today.

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