Voices for Lifting the BART Rush-Hour Bike Ban: Jenny

On May 23, BART will vote on a full lifting of the bike ban, opening up all-day access for bikes!

We’ve heard from countless people on both sides of the Bay that lifting the bike ban would improve their commutes and their lives. Through this week, leading up to the May 23 vote, we’ll be sharing some of those stories. Today, we’ll meet Jenny, a superstar bike enthusiast. She is a BART commuter by necessity, but bringing her bike on BART would certainly quicken her commute.

My name is Jenny Oh Hatfield, and my husband and I live in West Oakland. I work in SF at KQED and take the BART almost every day to commute to work by bicycle and train. As my job as an interactive producer has varying hours, I’d love to be able to bring my bike on BART at all times and not be hindered by the current blackout schedule which has impacted my ability to commute via bicycle in the past — which is the fastest and most efficient way for me to travel to work.

I encourage you to vote to lift the Rush-Hour Bike Blackout to help allow more people to bring their bike on BART and improve regional connections. After the two successful pilot programs, we’ve seen clearly that bikes on BART during rush hour has no negative impact on the operations of BART — but has a huge impact on my ability to travel throughout the Bay Area

Throughout this week, we’ll be featuring these stories in anticipation of next week’s BART Board of Directors meeting. If you want to share your story about why lifting the bike ban on BART is important to you, email Marc Caswell at marc@sfbike.org.

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