Voices for a Safer Polk Street: Justin

Meet Justin, one of the thousands of people who live, work, shop and bike along Polk Street. Here’s why he wants to see safety improvements on Polk Street:

I’m Justin Adler, I live a block away from Polk Street and my wife and I both use Polk five days a week to commute to and from work. We both ride Polk from Greenwich to Market Street and it would incredible if there were improved bike lanes as the situation now is unsafe due to the heavy traffic and horribly paved roads that present a constant danger on top of the fear of being doored or hit by a busy distracted driver.

On top of commuting to work we both bike on Polk extensively on the weekends whether it be commuting to the Mission or hitting up any number of the Polk street businesses we frequent exclusively by bike, from Brownies Hardware, to Bob’s Donuts, to T2J Thai Restaurant. We’re Polk Street patrons and commuters who demand better bike lanes.

If you also care about the future of Polk Street, like Justin, now is the time to take action!  Details here.

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