Volunteering at Winterfest? Patti Can’t Get Enough.

Patti hadn’t been on a bike in 30 years until last year. Since then, though, she joined the SF Bicycle Coalition and has been biking full steam ahead and helping us out at major events like Winterfest, our biggest member party, art show and bike auction of the year. Read on to learn why Patti’s volunteering again as an Auction Cashier at Winterfest on Nov. 15 and why you should, too.

You’re a repeat Winterfest volunteer. What do you love about volunteering with Winterfest?

I worked as an auction cashier last year and really enjoyed how excited people were when they won their item or purchased outright. It’s a very festive event even if you are a novice rider and/or new SF Bicycle Coalition member.

What made you start volunteering with the SF Bicycle Coalition?  

I purchased my first bike – in thirty years – in June 2014. I was excited and terrified all at the same time. I decided that I needed to take a class on how to ride a bike (again) so I went online. Up popped “Adult Learn to Ride” classes from the SF Bicycle Coalition. So of course I signed up. I don’t remember if it was before the class or after, but I decided I needed to have a bike map to navigate the city safely. I walked down to the SF Bicycle Coalition office on Market with the intent to buy the map and decided it would just be a better idea to join!

What are some of the different projects you’ve volunteered with? Any favorite memories?  

I’ve been volunteering for a long time and since retiring in January 2015, I have added many more projects. I have worked special events for Project Open Hand as well as kitchen help; foot races for Hot Chocolate, RhodyCo Productions, Special Olympics, and Pamakids; Giant Sweep for San Francisco Public Works and Another Planet Entertainment (concerts and corporate events in San Francisco). And of course, the SF Bicycle Coalition. I think my favorites include Winterfest last year and The Giant Race.  Volunteering for Another Planet and being able to see Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Elton John and Sam Smith were also pretty special.

Patti is amazing, having booked travel around volunteering at Winterfest.

Patti is amazing, having booked travel around volunteering at Winterfest.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering?

I retired in January 2015 so that afforded me much more time to volunteer. I was recently sworn in as a member of the Civil Grand Jury for the City and County of SF so have weekly meetings and citywide projects; I attend as many Giants games as I can afford; I ride my bike for exercise and errands; I garden; I take care of my aging husky; I travel; I worked the election…I think that’s all.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about volunteering at Winterfest?

Want to have a great time with some bike enthusiasts? Some serious bike people and some novices and everyone mingles equally.

Volunteer like Patti: All Winterfest volunteers get complimentary admission to Winterfest and a token good for one free drink. This great party only happens once a year, so sign up today before you miss your chance!

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