Want More Bike Parking in Parks?

Credit: SFMTA

The local activist spirit has always been strong here in San Francisco. In fact, your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition grew out of a shared desire amongst bike-riding residents and local organizations to take matters into their own hands and advocate together.

We’ve come a long way since 1971, and so has local activism. Take Mark Eliot for instance, a fellow SF Bicycle Coalition member who saw a problem and is now looking for your help fixing it.

Have you ever wondered where to park your bike at a San Francisco park? “You’re not alone,” says Mark. After prompting conversations with the Recreation and Park Department, he realized there was a need to work with their staff to inventory existing bicycle parking facilities to help push for improvements. That’s where you fit in.

“The City has over 200 facilities, so this is a big job. Crowdsourcing will make the job much more tractable,” Mark said. “We’ve already visited about 60 of the 200, but we need volunteers who live near the rest to simply walk around these facilities and report what they discover: how many racks, roughly where they are within the facility, and what type they are.”

Given that bike parking has always been a priority of the SF Bicycle Coalition, we are eager to support Mark in his efforts so that, at the end of the day, our city’s gorgeous parks and open spaces are accessible by bike. Sign up below to join the help survey our parks.

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