Welcome to our new Marketing Communications Associate

We’re excited to onboard Marketing Communications Associate Nesrine Majzoub in a new position at the SF Bicycle Coalition. Nesrine comes to us with marketing experience and great skills in photography and videography.

Tell us about your role at the SF Bicycle Coalition.

As the Marketing Communications Associate, I work largely with our social media and email newsletters. I love storytelling, and this organization has some amazing stories that I’m excited to convey.

What do you love so far about your job?

I’ve really enjoyed getting to be a part of a local organization and to be able to so clearly see how we are impacting our community and environment. After growing up in the Bay Area, it feels so great to be back here and to be working within the community. It’s been a blast getting to know everyone on our scrappy and passionate team.

When did you begin bike riding?

I began biking regularly while living in San Luis Obispo. I loved being able to get to and from work without using any energy or resources besides my own. It brought me so much fulfillment to live my life more sustainably and to feel the crisp, evening breeze on my face as I rode home. Now that I’m a newbie to San Francisco, I’m excited to learn how to bicycle confidently in a dense urban environment and work to create a more accessible and equitable space on our streets.

You’ll be taking over the social media channels. What can we expect?

I’m excited to bring more personality to our social presence. I hope you’ll be able to get to know our passionate staff, see more of our work, and maybe some beautiful videos here and there. I’ve worked a lot within the photo and video space and I’m excited to use that as a way to tell the stories of our staff, members, and city.

When you’re not working or biking, what fills your time?

Music has been a really monumental part of my life and I’ve been working on writing and recording an album this year. I love to play electric guitar, go rock climbing and camping, and to have picnics in parks with loved ones.

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