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Who we are

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBike) works to promote bicycling for everyday transportation in order to transform our streets and neighborhoods into more safe, just, and livable places. Our member-based grassroots organization is considered one of the largest, most active, and effective groups of our kind in the country.

The position

The School Engagement Coordinator supports school communities to safely adopt sustainable and/or active transportation modes by acting as the initial point of contact for SF Unified School District schools prioritized by the San Francisco Safe Routes to School (SF-SRTS) program, assessing their transportation needs and safety issues and making recommendations of programs and resources. Within the SF-SRTS program, the role is known as the “School Engagement Lead.”

The School Engagement Lead engages with school communities, assesses their sustainable transportation needs, priorities, and capacity, and connects schools with the programs and resources offered by SF-SRTS to best address those needs. In particular, the School Engagement Lead will act as in-person ambassador for the program, regularly visiting school sites and building relationships with members of school communities, encompassing elementary through high schools. Over the course of the program, the School Engagement Lead will work with the program’s evaluation team to continually track and assess progress made by schools and specific groups within schools, refining recommendations and facilitating continued adoption of safe and habitual use of the “Four Fun Ways”: walking, biking, transit, and carpooling. The School Engagement Lead will maintain up-to-date familiarity with program offerings and strong relationships with the partner organizations offering them. In collaboration with SFBike’s SF-SRTS Project Manager and SFMTA staff, the School Engagement Lead will cultivate robust, sustainable school community engagement, with an emphasis on being culturally responsive.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Build and maintain relationships with school staff, families, and community members by attending school and community meetings to engage with school staff and families and learn more about school community needs and priorities;
  • Regularly communicate with school staff, families, and community members through in-person conversations, phone calls, and email;
  • Assess receptiveness and barriers to program offerings and transportation choices at prioritized focus schools:
    • Gather feedback on school trip transportation choices and understand the current landscape of school travel;
    • Identify opportunities and challenges in the environment surrounding the school that impact transportation choices;
    • Build understanding of school culture, needs, priorities, and capacities and how they affect transportation choices and shape school receptiveness to programming;
    • Collect data to support findings and recommendations and document school and community feedback;
  • Develop recommendations to schools of SF-SRTS events, classes and other program activities and resources to make progress along the SF-SRTS Theory of Change and improve student safety and increase mode shift towards the Four Fun Ways;
  • Work with the Project Manager, SFMTA, and SFUSD to recommend the development of new events, classes or activities, if current offerings don’t meet existing needs;
  • Identify and cultivate transportation champions among school staff, families and community members;
  • Connect school staff, families, and community members with partners responsible for specific program offerings;
  • Follow up with school contacts after events, classes and activities; 
  • Regularly update school assessments and recommendations;
  • Maintain a daily log of interactions with school staff, families, and community members to maintain accurate records and support ongoing communication efforts.
  • Assist with outreach and implementation for Citywide Annual Events and ongoing program activities to ensure community engagement and participation.

Strong candidates will possess as many of the following qualifications as possible: 

We recognize that this position encompasses a number of different responsibility areas. We are committed to train and support our staff to strengthen their abilities in each area and we encourage applications from people who may not have all of the qualifications listed below.

  • 3+ years serving youth and families, preferably with at least one year with SFUSD or other public school system;
  • A commitment to and passion for the mission and core values of the SF Bicycle Coalition and SF-SRTS;
  • Strong relational skills, including experience developing community relationships, connections, or partnerships;
  • Experience using both quantitative and qualitative data to assess community behaviors and needs, especially in transportation;
  • Experience serving diverse communities from a wide array of cultural, experiential, and financial backgrounds, with an emphasis on cultural humility and responsiveness;
  • Proven organizational skills working with multiple partners, projects, and timelines;
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written);
  • Experience and skills working both collaboratively and independently;
  • Experience with data management within database tools, such as AirTable;
  • Bilingual in English and another language, especially Spanish, Cantonese, Filipino/Tagalog, Arabic, or Samoan.

Reports to: Director of Youth and Family Programs, with input and additional direction from external SF-SRTS Project Manager

Salary and Benefits: The annual salary for this exempt position is $68,300. Full-time benefits include excellent medical, vision and dental insurance with no employee contribution, as well as three weeks of paid time off, a pilot four-day work week (NOTE: the pilot is nearing its end and will be under review), two weeks of sick leave, pre-tax transit benefits, and a flexible work arrangement policy.

Hours: Full-time, exempt. The position may require occasional early morning, evening, or Friday/weekend work.

Location: Hybrid — San Francisco Bay Area. Staff and their supervisors will work together to determine the appropriate work arrangement based on the nature of the individual’s role, and in alignment with organizational policies and departmental needs and activities. We strive to be as flexible and fair as possible while ensuring in-person accessibility when needed to interface with our volunteers, membership, community, and each other.

To apply, please submit a resume and a PDF with your answers to the below three questions. Please make your answers roughly one paragraph each. 

  1. What inspires you to want to work at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition?
  2. What does transportation justice mean to you and how do you see it fitting into your career?
  3. What skills and/or experiences do you have that would make you a good fit for this role?


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