What’s At Stake on June 5

With less than three months to go, our Bike the Vote campaign is in full gear ahead of the June 5 elections.

Once member polling wraps up and our member-elected board makes the final decision on our endorsements, it’s time to make sure San Francisco voters know what’s at stake on June 5. We need to elect City leaders that will take transportation seriously and will bring urgency and leadership to reaching Vision Zero. Our next mayor needs to hold our City agencies accountable and end the constant delays and compromises we repeatedly see on protected bike lane projects throughout San Francisco.

I Want to Bike the Vote

Your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition recognizes what an immense opportunity June 5 is for our members and for our city. Join our campaign today to receive regular updates about our endorsements work and volunteer opportunities for Bike the Vote events. Beyond the election, we’ll need your help to hold our new mayor and District 8 supervisor accountable to their campaign promises.

Have thoughts about our endorsements? Email janice@sfbike.org.

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