Why the New Pedestrian Scrambles in the Tenderloin Are So Important

In late October, we welcomed the first of ten new pedestrian scrambles coming to the Tenderloin by the end of the year. It’s clear that the Tenderloin has been underserved and neglected when it comes to safe streets, open space, and transportation. With every street in the neighborhood on the high-injury network, small improvements like pedestrian scrambles can make a dramatic impact in slowing speeds and saving lives.

At a stop light, pedestrian scrambles stop vehicle traffic in all directions and allow people to safely cross the intersections from all corners at the same time.

After three people were hit and killed by fast-moving vehicles in the Tenderloin in May of 2019, we came together with other neighborhood advocates on the Tenderloin Traffic Safety Task Force to demand the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) implement urgent changes like pedestrian scrambles. In the same month, the SFMTA installed pedestrian scrambles where Golden Gate Avenue intersects with Hyde and Leavenworth streets and we’ve seen great success.

Now, after the advocacy from our community partners, we’re excited to see the first of the ten new pedestrian scrambles installed on Golden Gate Avenue and Jones Street. Our partners at the Tenderloin Community Benefit District are on the ground every day providing educational resources and ensuring people know how to use the new crosswalk design.

These pedestrian scrambles are just the start to creating safe, just, and livable streets in the Tenderloin. We must ensure that our neighbors and families in the Tenderloin are able to not only get around their neighborhood safely, but also enjoy and thrive in street space.

There is much work to be done and we need your help. Learn more about our work for safe streets in the Tenderloin and join our advocacy by signing up for campaign updates.

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