Let’s Keep Twin Peaks Open to People

Aerial photo of one peak of Twin Peaks

Photo: Keisuke Omi

In March, Twin Peaks was opened to people as a place to enjoy the outdoors while remaining socially distant. As one of the city’s most popular landmarks, Twin Peaks saw a huge increase in people walking and biking to enjoy the views and find respite outdoors.

Now, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has launched a survey to determine the future of Twin Peaks. Want to see this beautiful open space preserved? Fill out the survey today.

Let’s Keep Twin Peaks Open

Since March, Twin Peaks has seen an average of over 800 visitors on weekdays and 1,100 on weekend days. The numbers show how successful the opening of the street has been at creating more space for recreation during the pandemic. At the same time, we know there’s work to be done to make Twin Peaks accessible to people of all ages and abilities, many of whom have only previously been able to access Twin Peaks by car.

The SFMTA’s survey will help resolve issues with the current configuration, including:

  • Improving accessibility so those with disabilities and those unable to walk or bike can still enjoy Twin Peaks;
  • Maintaining safe paths for those walking and biking given the huge increase in trips they’re making daily to the park;
  • And addressing neighborhood concerns about excess traffic below the closure points.

You only have until November 3 to send in your thoughts, so don’t delay. If you want to keep open space atop Twin Peaks, we need you to fill out the survey today. With your help, we can keep Twin Peaks open for people.

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