Why We Want To #KeepItSlow with Slow Streets

Photo: Robin Kutner

On April 21, we will be celebrating the one year anniversary of our city’s Slow Streets program and your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition wants to #KeepItSlow.

Now, we’re launching our campaign to make Slow Streets a permanent program and to ensure corridors throughout the city stay how they are today, as places that put people first. Most importantly, we need you to be part of our campaign.

Join Our #KeepItSlow Campaign

Over the next few months, we are seeking your input to make sure the Slow Streets program remains a success for many years and decades to come. The program looks to expand next month to over 40 corridors in total, and we want to make sure Slow Streets connect neighborhoods across San Francisco with high-quality designs that make these spaces safe and welcome for people to enjoy.

The first step is to feature your stories so that our City’s decision makers know how successful this program has been. We want to hear how amazing Slow Streets have been for you, your family, and your neighborhoods. Tag @sfbike on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #KeepItSlow to let us know which Slow Street you want to be made permanent and what you love about it. Over the coming weeks, we will collect all of your stories and continue celebrating our newly-transformed streets.

With your stories in hand, we will be holding workshops with our members to brainstorm how we can design for permanence beyond just the barricades and sandbags. Are you like Jessica and Anthony, Slow Streets champions and stewards of Page Street? If you have ideas of how we can make Slow Streets a permanent part of our street network, make sure to join our #KeepItSlow campaign today to make sure you get an invite to these workshops next month.

Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city.