Why We’re Building Bikes with Chinatown Youth

People cannot enjoy the network of crosstown bikes lanes that will one day connect every neighborhood in our city if they do not have a bike in the first place. That is one reason we are so excited to partner with the Chinatown Community Development Center (CDC) on a recent Bike it Forward event

Promoting the bike for everyday transportation requires us to ride abreast with strong neighborhood allies. Few have been as dependable as Chinatown CDC. Much like the SF Bicycle Coalition, the mission of Chinatown CDC is to build community and enhance San Franciscans’ quality of life, with a focus on improving transportation options for low-income San Franciscans. Chinatown CDC was central to securing the Free Muni for Youth and Free Muni for Seniors and People with Disabilities victories, for instance, as well as being a key stakeholder in the community-led Vision Zero Coalition.

With transportation being the second-biggest household expense, many San Francisco families feel the pinch monthly. Biking, like walking and transit, is a great way to lower the amount of money spent getting around our city, with the added benefit of promoting an active lifestyle. Even acquiring a bike and learning the rules of the road can be challenging for some San Franciscans, however. Our Bike it Forward program helps people meet these challenges with collaborative, fun community gatherings.

The participants of our latest Chinatown Bike it Forward event were members of Chinatown CDC’s Youth Program and residents of many of our great neighborhoods. With the support of our member-volunteers, and great technical partners like SF Bay Bike Rescue, SF Yellow Bike Project and the Bay Area Bike Mobile, over 20 bicycles were refurbished and distributed, along with helmets, locks and lights. All participants also attended a safety class and an SFPD-escorted bike ride along the Embarcadero to find out just how easy it is to bike around San Francisco.

Help support our Bike it Forward program and our broader advocacy work today so that Chinatown CDC youth (and everyone else!) can bike our city. Special thanks to The Northern California Cycling Foundation for their generous support of this event.

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