Will BART’s Fleet of the Future be Bike-Friendly?

Next week, BART will be making a critical decision about whether their new Fleet of the Future will be bike-friendly and accessible for decades to come. We need your help in making sure the BART Board of Directors hears from you.

I Support a Bike-Friendly BART

After months of testing, BART’s new cars are finally rolling out. As part of the testing, BART tried out multiple configurations and conducted surveys to receive feedback from their passengers, and they’ll be presenting their findings at the BART Board meeting on May 23.

If no action is taken next week, the new fleet will only have one bike space per car. We think there should be two.

At the SF Bicycle Coalition, we have consistently encouraged BART to ensure that their cars are accessible to everyone, including seniors, people bringing their bikes onboard, and people who use wheelchairs. Today, BART cars each have two bike spaces, each holding multiple bikes. If the new cars continue to have two bike spaces, boarding will be easier for everyone, creating more space for both people with and without bikes. Our recommendation for two bike spaces is in line with recommendations from BART’s Bicycle Advisory Task Force. (Note: We previously misstated that BART’s Accessibility Task Force also supported this. They have not yet taken a position on the number of bike spaces.)

Have thoughts about the new bike racks too? Share your feedback in your email to the BART Board.

Please take a moment to write a letter to the BART Board today to urge them to approve two bike spaces per car for their Fleet of the Future. If you’ve had a chance to ride the new cars, we also encourage you to share feedback about the onboard bike racks.

This is our chance to make sure the future of BART continues being bike-friendly, so make sure to weigh in before the meeting on May 23.

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