Women Bike SF: For moms who bike to school and beyond

Would you like more company and support as a biking mom? If you sometimes feel as though you’re part of a small — but awesome! — minority, it’s not your imagination. In San Francisco only about one-third of people who commute by bike identify as women. And when we bike with our children, parents are also mindful of the well-being of our smaller, less experienced bike companions.

Moms who bike are showing a new generation that it’s possible to ride safely and confidently in the city. Our example encourages our children to develop lifelong habits that contribute to their health and a healthier environment.

The first Friday of the month, SF Bicycle Coalition’s Women Bike SF Coffee Club extends a special invitation to biking moms. Please stop by and have coffee with us, before or after school drop-off. You’ll meet other biking women and share stories of the joys and challenges of biking in SF. On Friday, November 2 there will be a special giveaway for your bike or your child’s!

Women Bike SF, now in its third year, is an SF Bicycle Coalition program that supports and encourages women, trans*, femme riders in San Francisco. Our goal is to get more people on bikes more often in fun, supportive and social ways — connecting people who are doing amazing things on bikes all across San Francisco.

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