Yes to More Capacity on Caltrain

With the promise of electrification in 2022, Caltrain is making strides to ensure the launch brings the best service possible to maximize bike space and overall capacity. Take a moment to write a letter to the Caltrain board to express your support for more funding to make that possible.

Thank You, Caltrain

In January, Caltrain staff submitted a grant application to take advantage of a new state funding program for transit. Their $630 million ask would add more cars to their electrified trains (from six-car to eight-car trains), bring station improvements and provide wi-fi service on board.

At the upcoming Caltrain board meeting on April 5, staff will provide background and information about their grant application. We are asking for letters of support for the grant application and the importance of extending trains in order to increase overall capacity as well as bike space. In particular, future cars need to be designed to prevent bike theft onboard, so that passengers with bikes feel that their property is safe.

While bike theft onboard is a known issue, we also know it’s a problem at Caltrain stations. This funding would increase secure bike parking facilities at stations, which are needed given the lack of facilities at 22nd Street and the at-capacity attended bike parking at Fourth and King.

The Caltrain electrification project is no small feat and will transform this transit service as we know it today. We will make sure to track the progress of this grant application and hope to celebrate more train cars and a better bike experience in the near future.

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