Your Support Needed for Bayview’s Next Protected Bike Lane

After months of outreach, the City is getting ready to approve the Bayview’s next protected bike lane on Evans Avenue to connect Cesar Chavez to Third Street. People who bike here today currently have to share four lanes of vehicle traffic on this busy trucking route. If you support these improvements to have a dedicated facility, we need you to let the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board know.

I Support Protected Bike Lanes

For people biking to and from the Bayview, Evans Avenue is a critical connection that connects through a more industrial part of the neighborhood. Breweries, warehouses, and the US Postal Service’s largest SF facility all line this corridor, meaning much of the traffic is filled with trucks and other large vehicles. It’s no surprise that residents identified this location as needing improvements in the Bayview Community Based Transportation Plan, which was developed through two years of deep community engagement.

To create the proposal for Evans Avenue, SFMTA staff held virtual and in-person outreach in October, which overwhelmingly showed that people who live and travel here want to see a calmer, safer street for biking and walking. We’re thrilled that the preferred option is to install a dedicated bicycle lane on both sides of the street, with the westbound direction being fully protected from vehicle traffic.

Now, it’s time to get this project approved. Take a moment today to write a letter to the SFMTA Board before they meet on December 7 to let them know how important these connections are.

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