20-Year Member Profile: Daniel Silverman

It’s the 20th Anniversary of Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area, so we thought we’d ask some of our long-time members to share their memories of biking in San Francisco 20 years ago. Thanks to these dedicated members, our city streets have come a long way in the last two decades. 

Daniel Silverman

What do you remember most about biking in San Francisco in the 1990s?
Biking in the 90s was a little bit scarier and a lot lonelier. We definitely didn’t have the separated bikeways on Market Street (or anywhere else for that matter!), and there were a lot fewer fellow bike commuters so we didn’t have the safety of numbers. Thankfully I never had any accidents, but it felt less safe than it does now. Even so, it was worth it. San Francisco is such a beautiful city and biking to work has always been a great way for me to connect to my community and get rejuvenated both before and after work.

What is the greatest change you’ve seen on our streets in the last 20 years?
The greatest change is definitely the number of cyclists, particularly during the morning and evening commute down Market Street. I love seeing the range of commuters – everyone from fixie aficionados to Financial District Execs – who are out there every day.

What campaigns over the years have made the biggest impact on your ride?
I would say that the separated bikeways have made the biggest difference. I commute from First and Market to the Richmond District. I now get to ride on separated bikeways for a big chunk of Market Street, through parts of the Wiggle, and all the way down the Panhandle and JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park. That’s quite different than 20 years ago and it’s a real pleasure. I’ll keep working with the SF Bicycle Coalition to create more miles of separated bikeways throughout the City because it makes a real difference in the riding experience.

Why do you continue to be a long-time SF Bicycle Coalition supporter?
I love San Francisco and cycling is a big part of my San Francisco experience. Being on my bike is such a great way to get around the city, but even more importantly it’s such a great way to experience the City at its best – its people, its shops, its neighborhoods, and all of the quirky details that make San Francisco unique and lovable. I know that my biking experience is only possible because of the tremendous work and successes of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and I want to do my part to keep the momentum going. Supporting the SF Bicycle Coalition is the least I can do!

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