A New, Mobile-Friendly Caltrain Bump Form Is Here

For years, our BIKES ONboard team has been urging Caltrain passengers who bring their bikes on the train to report when they are ‘bumped’, which happens when people with bikes aren’t allowed on the train because all the bike spaces are full.

These volunteer-run efforts have helped show just how much bike access needs to be increased on Caltrain. Just this week, for example, more than a dozen passengers got bumped in Palo Alto.

We were excited when Caltrain announced their plan to add a third bike car on their Bombardier trains in January. This is great news, and we’re happy Caltrain continues to work hard to ensure that their passengers can combine bikes and public transit.

New Caltrain Bump Form


But in order to keep better track of when people are bumped, we recently created an easy, mobile-friendly form to report bumps and to view this information in real-time.

Report Caltrain Bumps Here

Your bump reports help us produce monthly graphs to show just how many riders are affected by limited bike capacity, which are presented to Caltrain’s Board as well as their Bicycle Advisory Committee. We’ll continue to improve this real-time information so you can plan ahead before bringing your bike on Caltrain and that our advocacy efforts grow stronger.

The most recent bump graph from February 2015.

The most recent bump graph from February 2015.


Spread the word and bookmark sfbike.org/bumpform if you’re a regular Caltrain commuter. Learn more about our Caltrain campaign here and consider joining or renewing your SF Bicycle Coalition membership today to support our work!

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